Born in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, Williams Chechet is a visual artist, futurist passionate about history and ways in which to creatively reimagine and interrogate it using popular contemporary visual cultures, digital tools, and art. His works have been exhibited throughout Nigeria, and published in many journals and books. Influenced by hip hop and graffiti, he has also created numerous mural paintings in Nigeria. He draws his inspiration from his region of origin, to which he paid tribute through his project “We Are The North“, a series of illustrations depicting its inhabitants, as well as well-known characters representative of the north. His style is a continuation of pop art and he cites the work of Eduardo Paolozzi, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Hamilton, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Takashi Murakami and Brian Donnelly as influences.


The artist is interested in popular culture and the use of popular and historical images in conversation – images that circulate in our culture, focusing on symbols of Nigerian society through a pop-art lens. In his practice, he uses digital tools and manipulation to create new and unseen visual narratives by isolating photographs on a coloured flattened plane.

He experiments with pop-art, culture and futurism and is interested in themes around memory, identity and history reimagined in the past, present and future.


The artist fully embraces contemporary culture, the digital future and his own sense of his cultural heritage and identity as a young African with pride in his work and is inspired to reimagine past, present and future in confluence.

His images are bold and engaging, often taken out of their original context through his creative process, and overlapped with colourful symbolism and accessories. In his most recent body of work the artist explores and intentionally incorporates the faces and characters of Northern Nigeria, it’s leaders, icons and historically and culturally significant images into his work as a project that enshrines them in popular memory and consciousness – images and figures that have shaped Nigeria’s political history. 

Selected exhibitions



RetroAfrica ‘Masters & Contemporaries‘, Abuja, Nigeria.

Social Media Week Lagos 2019, ArtHere Community Art Project Collaboration. Lagos, Nigeria.

Investec CapeTown Art Fair, Cape Town, South Africa.

Being Buhari, Abuja, Nigeria.

Seeing Sounds, Copeland Gallery, London, England.

ArtX Lagos 2019 (RetroAfrica).



Marrakech O the Tracks, 1-54 African Contemporary Art Fair, Marrakech, Morocco.

ArtHouse Contemporary Auction, Lagos, Nigeria.

RetroAfrica ‘Generation Y’ Art Exhibition. Abuja, Nigeria.

Africa is/In the Future, PointCulture, Brussels, Belgium.

Afro-Finns Bantu Pop-Up Festival, Tampere, Finland.

Sao & The Muse 3 Lagos.

Koppel Project - ‘Cu-ulture And Tradition: Same Experience Dierent Local, London, England.



Visions of Hope, Kaduna Book And Arts Festival (Kabafest). Kaduna, Nigeria.

TedX Maitama Abuja, Nigeria.

Nigeria Historic Art Exhibition 'Artistry' Ozidu House Abuja, Nigeria.

Denim 2017. Abuja. Nigeria.

3rd MoCADA Masquerade Ball Brooklyn, Newyork, USA.

Art X Live, ArtX Lagos, Nigeria.

Artyrama Pop-Up. Lagos, Nigeria.

We Are The North, Alliance Française, Lagos, Nigeria (solo exhibition).