Jean Claude Lofenia Mpoo (born in 1984, Kinshasa - DRC) was discovered by one of the leading Congolese artists Chéri Chérin (°1955). Trained by this fierce defender of the figurative style, JC Lofenia follows today the purest tradition of Popular painting.  


JC Lofenia displays a colorful style that speaks directly to the members of society. In this way, he draws the spectator into his own interrogations. Particularly humorous and satirical, his works depict everyday reality with an underlying criticism of humanity, often subject to the dictates of technology and fashion.


With his paintings, the artist tends to focus on social issues of the present: local politics and economics, but also manners and lifestyle of young people desiring to reach western standards. 

Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions


JC Lofenia : École contemporaine de Kinshasa [JC Lofenia : Contemporary School of Kinshasa.] Art Space Impasse Saint-Jacques, Brussels, 23rd January - 23rd February 2019. 


Francklin Mbungu & JC Lofenia, Hong Kong, African Coffee & Tea, December 2018 - January 2019.  




Solo show, Kinshasa, Cultural Space Texaf Bilembo. 




Group exhibition in the frame of International Book Fair, Kinshasa, Texaf Bilembo. 




Group exhibition, Kinshasa, Symphonie des Arts Gallery. 




Sokosoko Bar, Kinshasa, Maison de France / French Institut. 

Kin-Moto na Anvers, Antwerpen (Belgium), ARAP, 23rd September - 16th October.

Cinquante ans d’indépendance [Fifty Years of Independence], Kinshasa, Symphonie des Arts Gallery. 




Ô Congo, 50 ans d’indépendance en 50 tableaux [O Congo, 50 Years of Independence in 50 Paintings], Turnhaut (Belgium), De Warande.