Culture is the history, practices and beliefs that make up a society.

Stimulated by the growing interest in African art on the international scene, AfricArt Gallery Hong Kong opened its doors in September 2018 and became the first and only art space fully dedicated to the Contemporary African paintings, sculptures, and other mediums. End of 2019, after months of protests and political instability in Hong Kong it was decided to close the physical gallery and switch to a more adapted online gallery business model. The mission of the gallery is to exhibit, promote, and represent young and established African artists in the Asian art scene. Our activities concentrate especially on Hong Kong and the rest of Asia.

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Michael is a Hong Kong-based Belgian entrepreneur collecting African art for over a decade. His passion for African arts, embedded deeply in his familial history, enabled him to create a unique pathway in representing and showcasing many exciting artists from all over Africa. 

As a child, Michael shared his interest in African culture with his grandfather, born in the Belgian Congo. The family’s collection of traditional ethnic masks was his first encounter with the histories and memories of this continent. While living in Brussels, he learned more about Congo's complex history from Congolese friends settled in Belgium. His passion for this country led him not only to collect contemporary art but especially to meet the love of his life.


During his travels to Africa, he got to know many artists personally and selected their works for his private collection. Being profoundly convinced about the artistic value of African painting, he decided to share it with the wider public by opening his first gallery in Hong Kong.