Francklin Mbungu lives and works in Kinshasa (DRC). The son of an antiquarian, he started his career as an agent for other Congolese painters. After a few years, he decided to become an artist himself.


Far away from the traditional Congolese Popular painting, this self-taught artist uses scissors, razor blades and glue to develop paper cut-outs and collages in which figures, flowers and objects emerge together to tell a story.


This surprising technique, which he claims to be the only practitioner in the city, allows him to create scenes dominated by tactile and visual density. Using this very personal approach, he creates vibrant and colorful portraits of Congolese people such as the emblematic Sapeurs.

Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions



Kinshasa Chroniques, Sète (France), Musée International des Arts Modestes, 24th Octobre 2018 - 10th March 2019. 

Francklin Mbungu & JC Lofenia, Hong Kong, African Coffee & Tea, December 2018 - January 2019.  




Au Monde des Flamboyants, Kinshasa (DRC), Trust Merchant Bank S.A., 8th December 2017 - 12th January 2018. 




When Africa Meets Mauritius: Africa Bomoko, Mauritius, 1,242 South-East Gallery, 8th December 2016 - 8th January 2017.