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We respect your privacy and we are committed to protecting your personal data. Please note that this privacy notice applies to all AfricArt Gallery Hong Kong operations. It explains the type of information that we collect and hold about you as well as your privacy rights. Feel free to contact us if you have a query or complaint in relation to AfricArt Gallery Hong Kong processing policy. 


Because we value your trust, we never reveal your identity to any third party without your explicit consent. All the information that we collect is used only for the Gallery activities. We do not transfer your personal data to organizations that wish to use it for their own marketing promotions or other purposes. If you are purchasing artwork, we may share your invoice with the artist who made it, for his own record.


Why and how do we collect your personal information? 


To add you to our database or register you as a new client, we need some information about you. It is mostly your first name, last name, and email address, but during the acquisition process, it can be also your private address and your banking information.


The biggest part of the personal data is collected directly from you. For example, during the events at the Gallery, via email, a paper form, over the telephone, or via the online subscription. Sometimes, your image may also be collected especially when you are attending our events. If you find any picture of yourself in our event documentation (on our Website, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn accounts) and you want us to remove it, please send us a notification by email. From time to time, we receive your information from the third-party sources as for example: while we are researching about some artworks or artists and find your personal information related to them (in the sources such as newspapers articles, web pages, exhibition catalogs, public auctions results); publicity available sources; art platforms; or via personal information.  


Cookies and automatic interactions.


As you interact with our website, we may automatically collect technical data about your equipment, time zone settings, browser type, browsing actions, and patterns. We gather this personal data by using cookies. We use this information for our internal system administration, and mostly to monitor and improve the user experience.


Who has access to your personal information? 


The gallery staff and any other person or organization acting to deliver any service that you have requested: bank, art shippers, insurers, and experts such as art conservators. All these third parties are allowed to use your personal information only in the frame of the specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions. Therefore, they are not allowed to process your data for their own benefit.