Abdulrahman Adesola Yusuf better known as Arclight.jpg (1997) is a digital artist from Lagos, Nigeria. 

His work range from illustrations and doodles to collages of photographs and digital drawing techniques. His works are based on vibrant and contrasting colors detailing anecdotes and thoughts with a focus on self-awareness and growth. The themes such as mindfulness of our conscious and subconscious impulses; the imperfection of the human mind and constant learning to realign the mind and achieving inner peace are often highlighted in Arclight.jpg's artworks. He believes that empathy begins with self-love and that a better understanding of self leads to a better comprehension of society. With his art he is constantly celebrating the diversity but also calling for the dialogue between the communities: "We must support each other whilst setting our diversity aside but also respecting it, we should find strength in our diversity and uniqueness. We know how exactly it feels to be marginalized we need not treat ourselves the same way because we are from different tribes or communities.“

Being deeply interested in art history, he mentions a variety of sources of inspiration that are going from highly detailed Renaissance paintings, Baroque and Rococo ornaments to the modern minimalism or Surrealism. By mixing these references with the influences coming from his personal environment and experience, he creates the images that evoke in a powerful way the image of the human figure of our times.